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Travel and Go Kits

    One never knows when an emergency or disaster will occur.  

    There is always a good chance you won’t be at home.  

    You could be running errands across town and be separated from your home (and radio equipment) by bridges and highways that can become impassible.  

    Western Kern County ARES members are expected to always have a minimal amount of “kit” with them in their vehicle should such an event occur. 

    The Western Kern County ARES team members are also expected to maintain a “Go Kit” in order to operate self-sustained for various period of time.  

    What should be in the Go Kit?  

    Ultimately, the purpose of the Go Kit is self sufficiency and will depend on where you are being deployed to.  Knowing how and where you might be deployed has a big impact.  Below are suggestions for a short-term (less than 24 hours), mid-term (24-48 hours), and long-term (greater than 48 hours) deployments.

    For detailed information about the "Go Kit" and "Supplemental Go Kit" please click the corresponding link on the left side under the "Go Kit" heading.