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Western Kern County ARES®

Rev. December 2012


The following checklist should be considered as the minimum requirements for this position. Note that some of the tasks are one-time actions; others are ongoing or repetitive for the duration of the incident.
1. Obtain briefing from the EC:
     Obtain summary of incident organization (ICS Forms 201 and 203).
     Determine companies/agencies/non-governmental organizations already involved in the
        incident, and whether they are assisting (have tactical equipment and/or personnel
        assigned to the organization), or cooperating (operating in a support mode “outside” the
2. Obtain cooperating and assisting agency information, including:
     Contact person(s).
     Radio frequencies.
     Phone numbers.
     Cooperative agreements.
     Resource type.
     Number of personnel.
     Condition of personnel and equipment.
     Agency constraints/limitations.
3. Establish workspace for Liaison function and notify agency representatives of location.
4. Contact and brief assisting/cooperating agency representatives and mutual aid
5. Interview agency representatives concerning resources and capabilities, and restrictions on
    use - provide this information at planning meetings.
6. Work with Public Information Officer and EC to coordinate media releases associated with
    inter-governmental cooperation issues.
7. Monitor incident operations to identify potential inter-organizational problems. Keep
    the EC apprised of such issues:
     Bring complaints pertaining to logistical problems, inadequate communications, and strategic and tactical direction         to the attention of Incident Management Team (IMT).
8. Participate in Planning Meetings:
        Agenda Item Responsible Party
        1 Briefing on situation/resource status. Planning/Operations
        2 Discuss safety issues. Safety Officer
        3 Set/confirm incident objectives. EC
        4 Plot control lines & Division boundaries. Operations Officer
        5 Specify tactics for each Division/Group. Operations
        6 Specify resources needed for each Division/Group, Operations/Planning
        7 Specify facilities and reporting locations. Operations/Planning/Logistics
        8 Develop resource order. Logistics Section
        9 Consider communications/medical/transportation plans, Logistics/Planning Sections
        10 Provide financial update. Finance/Administration Officer
        11 Discuss interagency liaison issues. Liaison Officer
        12 Discuss information issues. Public Information Officer
        13 Finalize/approve/implement plan. EC and General Staff
9. Document all activity on Unit Log (ICS Form 214).