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Western Kern County ARES®
Rev. December 2012

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The following checklist should be considered as the minimum requirements for this position. Note that some of the tasks are one-time actions; others are ongoing or repetitive for the duration of the incident.
1. Obtain briefing from Branch Director, Operations Officer or EC
     Determine resources assigned to the Division or Group.
     Confirm geographic boundaries or functional responsibilities of Division or Group.
     Confirm location and function of additional Divisions and Groups operating adjacent to or within
        your geographic location.
     Confirm tactical assignment.
     Confirm communication assignment.
2. Attend Operations Briefing.
3. Review assignments and incident activities with subordinates, and assign tasks.
4. Ensure subordinates observe required safety precautions.
5. Implement Incident Action Plan (IAP) for Division or Group.
6. Submit situation and resource status information to Branch Director or Operations Officer.
     Maintain “hot zone” resource tracking system, if necessary.
7. Coordinate activities with adjacent Divisions/Groups.
8. Determine need for additional resources and make request through Branch Director or
    Operations Officer.
9. Report special occurrences or events, such as accidents or sickness, to Branch Director or
    Operations Officer.
10. Resolve logistical problems within the Division and/or Group:
     Monitor communications and assess communications needs.
     Ensure adequate food, liquids, and rehabilitation.
     Ensure personnel are aware of process for medical assistance.
11. Debrief with Branch Director or Operations Officer prior to leaving shift:
     Include work accomplished or left to be accomplished, operational difficulties, resource
needs, etc.
     Participate in the development of plans for the next operational period.
12. Document all activity on Unit Log (ICS Form 214)